Cementarnica USJE AD Skopje traditionally part of the Action “Tree Day – Plant Your Future”


30.03.2010, Скопје – Over 100 company employees of Cementarnica Usje A.D. Skopje, together with the Company's Management Team today joined the action Tree Day – Plant Your Future, which took place today. The company employees joined this action and planted several thousands seedlings on the Tri Krushi location in the residential area of Drachevo, Municipality Kisela Voda.

'The action Tree Day – Plant Your Future, is an excellent opportunity for all of the citizens, companies and institutions to show their respect and care for the environment. But we, in our company, believe that to care for the environment is our obligation, every day. Exactly because of this, through all of our activities, we are trying to give our contribution continually on daily basis', Boris Hrisafov, Executive Director of Cementarnica Usje A.D announced.

The policy of Cementarnica Usje A.D Skopje, as part of the Titan Group, is to cooperate with the Municipality of Kisela Voda and all the other interested institutions, on various projects promoting environment protection on daily basis. In anticipation of this year's action Tree Day – Plant Your Future, Cementarnica Usje A.D. Skopje with it teams helped in the clearing up and preparation of more than 2 hectares of surface in the area of Tri Krushi, where the representatives of the diplomatic corps in the country and the Government Ministers planted young seedlings on the 26th March this year.

Cementarnica Usje – A.D. Skopje joined the action Tree Day – Plant Your Future at the very beginning, and has traditionally participated in it every year since. Apart from this, in cooperation with the Municipality of Kisela Voda, last year several thousands of seedlings were planted in eight primary schools on municipal territory. Cementarnica Usje also donated seedlings to the Veseli Cvetovi kindergarten, and designed several parks in the Municipality of Kisela Voda. These projects are realized every year.