Creating value for all

We believe that the company's sustainability is impossible without paying attention to the social and environmental aspects. We use our unique strengths, resources and relationships to create value at every stage of our operations. We focus not just on what we do, but also on how we do it, ensuring that we make a meaningful and sustainable contribution to all our stakeholders. Cementarnica USJE's core activities include the extraction of raw materials and their transformation into building products and the transfer of know-how and expertise through collaborations with customers, business partners, local communities and academia.

The main raw materials that we use in the production process are marl, limestone, gypsum, mineral aggregates, energy and water. Through the use of alternative fuels and raw materials, we try to further benefit the environment by conserving natural resources and minimizing our emissions into the atmosphere.

Our products and services are used in a variety of activities ranging from major infrastructure projects (roads, airports, hospitals, schools, etc.) to residential and commercial buildings and social projects. We actively promote new products that will improve the quality, safety and durability of buildings, as well as methods and materials that will facilitate construction activity or contribute to reducing the impact on the environment.

We are permanently committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and supporting their lifelong learning. Moreover, we focus on delivering social value through our commitment to support the sustainable development of communities near our operations.