USJE adopted the TITAN Group CSR Policy


“Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a Titan Value and is embedded in our Governing Objective. It is a step further than legal or regulatory compliance, a conscious and free pledge to improve the world around us. It has human, social and environmental dimensions.

…We realize that our operations impact the environment and neighboring communities. We commit to mitigate and reduce these impacts by “Doing Less Harm”.

…We will continue to pursue business goals in a socially responsible manner, contributing to the well being of our employees, their families, neighboring communities and society at large, in short “Doing More Good”.

…We consider our CSR engagement as a proactive and on-going self-improvement and continuous learning process, adapting to an ever changing complex business and social environment. Essential to this endeavor is listening, engaging, communicating and building mutual trust with our stakeholders...”

This is only part of the Group CSR Policy that USJE adopted at the beginning of this year, in addition to its Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Policies, as verification of our efforts and commitment to act as a responsible corporate citizen and to contribute to the sustainable growth, integrating human, environmental and social elements into our business practice.