Cementarnica Usje on the 1st Regional Working Meeting of the South East Europe Global Compact Local Networks


On February 3 2012, the Global Compact Network Hellas organized the first Regional Working Meeting of the South East Europe Global Compact Local Networks, with the aim of discussing and identifying the social and environmental challenges facing that the Global Compact Local Networks in the region. Participants included representatives from the GC networks of Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.

During the meeting, the group analyzed the UN Global Compact principles related to human rights and anti-corruption, with specific examples by companies of the region, sharing best practices and lessons learned. Cementarnica Usje was one of the representatives of the UNGC Network Macedonia, presenting on the topic: “CSR & Human Rights: The business case in the cement sector.”

The presentation included a review of corporate social responsibility in terms of human rights through the efforts of the company to promote equal opportunities and health and safety at work. The purpose of doing business in this manner is to create a motivating and healthy working environment with zero injuries or accidents, which creates equal opportunities for advancement and development for all employees.

Cementranica Usje underlined the ways in which Usje contributes towards safety and health in its broader environment taking into account not only its employees, but also its external contractors and supplier. Additionally, the practices that ensure safety are transferred to the community through CSR programs dedicated to the younger generations in the primary schools within the municipality.

Within the Macedonian Global Compact Network, USJE expressed willingness to share its experience and knowledge with the members in order to develop a culture that will ensure safety in companies, but also in the wider environment. This will be achieved through info meetings, mentoring, consultation and implementation of the project "Partnership with Schools" by the members.