Water management

Cementarnica USJE uses so-called "dry-process technology" for cement production, which means that water is not used in the main production process. Water is only used as a coolant, and there is no discharge of wastewater into the environment, it is reused in a so-called "closed system".

Cementarnica USJE's continuous efforts to conserve water as a natural resource are reflected in the sustainable management of water at the plant, which includes:

  • Use of water from the city water supply network only for sanitation;
  • Regular measurement of the quality of the water used for sanitation discharged into the sewerage network;
  • A closed technical water filtration and recycling system (for equipment cooling);
  • Separation of wastewater from stormwater;
  • Collection of stormwater and the water sprayed on the plant's roads in open canals and its filtration in its own treatment plant.