USJE – member of Responsible Businesses Club


Representatives of fifty local companies including Cemetarnica USJE with proven socially responsible practices supported the initiative to establish the first Responsible Businesses Club in the country. The Club will be a new unique platform for pooling initiatives, ideas and resources of companies for implementation of larger and more complex projects that will have significant effects on people's lives, the prosperity of communities and sustainable development of society. Founder of the Responsible Businesses Club is "Konekt" - an organization with the main mission and extensive experience in fostering and promoting social responsibility, which will also take care of its successful functioning. The Club will be strategically governed by the Board composed of top managers of some of the most successful companies that still have a great experience and significant activities in the area of social responsibility. Additional guarantee that the club will implement European best practices in this area is the fact that the initiative is implemented within the project "Civil society stronger with business and citizens" financed by the European Union.