Collaboration with Usje

USJE is a company committed to building strong and long-lasting relationships with its customers and suppliers, based on trust and mutual growth. We create value for our local community, suppliers and customers by strengthening our core values, implementing ethical business practices, openly and continually communicating with all stakeholders and solving their most important issues.

Value to our customers

Despite our significant market presence, we remain focused on one of our core priorities: listening to and staying close to our customers. Our ongoing efforts to identify their needs and requirements and to show them respect and gratitude are demonstrated through regular visits from our sales teams. Through this direct connection we have tried to provide the best technical support and consultations regarding our products, services, specific production processes, optimization of cement preparation and passing on our many years of practical knowledge and expertise.

To achieve outstanding results in all areas, we are constantly working to improve customer service. That is the aim of the automation of the sales process and services. We have developed a flexible enough system to fulfill different types of orders, enabling easy and fast loading, reducing the average waiting time, accurate invoicing, etc.

Responsible supply chain

Our supply chain consists of various business partners that provide us with services (as contractors) and products (as suppliers). We mainly use local contractors to maintain the machinery and operations, which are largely capital-intensive activities, as well as cleaning and catering services as labor-intensive activities. This contributes to the community near our operations, creating local jobs, although we also centrally secure needed products such as fuels, technology and machinery through international suppliers.

Our Procurement Manual and Code of Conduct include anti-bribery provisions and ethical procurement procedures that our people follow. Contracts with our suppliers and contractors include clauses related to the contractors' obligation to comply with health and safety, labor and human rights and environmental standards and regulations, for which they also sign a declaration.

The general regulations and terms are available at the following link.

USJE's contractor management system ensures the safe operation and conduct of contractors in our vicinity.