The production of ready-mix concrete and aggregates achieves vertical integration of production in Cementarnica USJE. Aggregate production started in 2008, at the Govrlevo Limestone Quarry production plant.

Aggregates are standardized products that are widely used in construction.

In terms of granulation, they can be fine and coarse, and depending on application can be aggregates for the production of ready-mix concrete and aggregates for road construction (buffers), as well as aggregates for other uses.

Our aggregate production portfolio consists of the following products:

  • Decorative stone
  • Limestone buffers of 0-31.5 mm
  • Limestone buffers of 0-63 mm
  • Limestone fractions of 0-4 mm
  • Limestone fractions of 4-8 mm
  • Limestone fractions of 8-16 mm
  • Limestone fractions of 16-31.5 mm
  • Limestone fractions of > 31.5 mm

Cementarnica USJE AD constantly invests in new equipment to meet the market demand for high quality and volume. Aggregates are sold by spot loading at the Govrlevo Limestone Quarry itself, where the material is weighed accurately on an electronic weighbridge.

Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Production Control 155-ZGP-0006

Declaration of Performance 011-USJE-01

Declaration of Performance 012-USJE-01

Declaration of Performance 013-USJE-01

Declaration of Performance 014-USJE-01

Declaration of Performance 015-USJE-01

Declaration of Performance 016-USJE-01