New Year Donations


Looking forward to the New Year holidays and the joy they bring for the children, Cementarnica USJE in the frames of the project “Partnering with Schools” made several donations in the schools and kindergartens in the Municipality Kisela Voda.
This is the second year that Cementarnica USJE  encourages  the children from the primary school for children with special needs “Dr. Zlatan Sremac” together with their teachers and parents to create and make Christmas Cards.  USJE procured 100 of the hand-made Christmas Cards and used them for sending Christmas wishes to our business partners.  The school will use the donation from the cards for providing necessary materials for the children.

Traditionally, for the third year, Cementarnica USJE for the occasion of the New Year celebration, equips  premises in the kindergartens in the Municipality with equipment for children playrooms.  This year we donated  a small house, slide, plastic vehicles and swings, as well as tables and benches for drawing.  And the children prized us with a wonderful performance of singing and dancing, which for us was a special  event.  Part of this atmosphere can be seen on the photos…