Circular economy

Faced with the limited availability of conventional fuels and raw materials and the uncertainty that the future holds, modern societies are searching for sustainable solutions for the use and conservation of natural resources while minimizing the impact on the environment. Striving for that goal, practices by which the waste materials from one industry or activity become raw materials or energy sources for another are highly valued.

Cement production is globally recognized as an industry that provides solid solutions and sustainable reuse, recovery and recycling practices, as well as transformation of waste into a resource, which is in line with the principles of the circular economy.

As part of TITAN Group, Cementarnica USJE is committed to promoting efficient practices, which are in keeping with the concept of the circular economy, the importance of which is reflected in our Environmental Policy. Specifically, Cementarnica USJE applies several effective practices which are in line with the principles of the circular economy, namely:

  • Reducing the ratio of clinker and cement while maintaining the quality of the final products;
  • Reusing and recycling wood from the packaging of final products (USJE is an authorized wood packaging waste handler);
  • Sorting waste into more than 20 fractions and handing it over to authorized waste handlers, thus allowing other companies to use those fractions as secondary raw materials.
  • Using alternative fuels in cement production, such as RDF/SRF and agricultural waste biomass;
  • Using alternative raw materials in the clinker and cement production process;

These activities are recognized as an environmentally responsible way to cut carbon emissions and as Cementarnica USJE's active contribution to better waste management in the country.