Partnering with Schools Project


CSR has been at the core of Titan’s philosophy ever since its early years and had a direct and permanent impact on its performance as a business enterprise, on its labor relations and on community involvement.
Our Social Policy is being implemented in those areas where we have particular knowledge and experience – the necessary condition for the added value we intend to generate. The three areas we are concentrating our best efforts are: Education; Environment & Health & Safety. Through its continuous efforts for ZERO accidents, TITAN and USJE have developed significant expertise, know-how and experience on H&S.

Following its strategic determination for support of development through education and building upon our strong local partnership, good neighborly relations and the needs of our community and the society at large, Cementarnica USJE AD Skopje has launched the “Adopt a School” Project.

The project is aimed at improving the health & safety and environmental conditions in the schools and the kindergarten as part of our voluntary commitment for support of education and educational process in the country as well as our H&S and environmental commitment and know-how.

The Project covers eight primary schools and one kindergarten in the Municipality of Kisela Voda. Each Manager of USJE was appointed responsible for or “adopted” one school or kindergarten. Moreover, there are crossed responsibilities, namely different managers were appointed responsible for different scope of the project (environmental, mechanical, electrical, construction etc.). The Project started with tête-à-tête meetings between each manager and the principal of “his/her” school to explain the Project, the project objectives and the project activities and to ask for each school to identify its own priorities and needs to be accommodated by our Company within the Project focuses, namely safety & environment. Having received priority lists from all the schools, the Partnering with Schools Project team grouped the needs and priorities under common Action Plan.

Having identified each school priorities, we have started making a joint Action Plan of all activities needed and requested by the schools. Almost all schools needed new fences or some repairs of the existing ones. Civil and electrical works were also requested from almost each school so as to ensure safety of the children.

Nevertheless, Cementarnica USJE AD Skopje and our people could not have started, implemented or finished all the activities by ourselves. We needed to branch out value, to ask for our contractors and suppliers to join us in this effort for the benefit of the children, their education and the society at large. We convinced our contractors and suppliers to take part in this adding-value action at voluntary base or at lowered prices for their services or materials.

The Project implementation started in 2010 at the beginning of the summer break of the school as pupils/students were out of school while having electrical repairs or heavy machinery and other equipment in the schools or schoolyards and was concluded by the end of the year.

The Project will continue in 2011 by including another primary school for children with special needs and by including education and training to the teachers in health & safety issues to develop health & safety teams among teachers in cooperation with the Public Health Care Institution.

Cementarnica USJE AD Skopje in cooperation with the Municipality of Kisela Voda shall make its best efforts to involve in the Project the entire business community in Kisela Voda Municipality. It is expected that by the end of March, the Mayor of Kisela Voda, Mr. Marijan Gjorcev will organize a meeting of entrepreneurs in Kisela Voda where this Project will be presented by USJE. We expect that other Companies in Kisela Voda will positively accept this Project and with their support we will contribute further to the community development.   

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