Quality policy

The final goal of the established and maintained Integrated System in Cementarnica USJE is to apply the principles of the Quality Policy, which is the framework for establishing and reviewing the defined quality objectives, taking into account the particular context of the organization.

In order to maintain and develop this system, it is necessary to demonstrate vision, strategy and mission, aimed at:

  • Process management of the business activities and resources needed for the same.
  • Identifying, understanding and managing interconnected processes as a whole, demonstrating the established process approach.
  • Use of the Integrated Quality Management System as a basis for continuous improvement of the work in the organization and strengthening of the competence of the employees in the same.
  • Improve product quality and reduce production costs by using advanced technology, design and development.
  • Maintaining the reputation of the company, through production and high quality products, complying with the conditions and requirements of the relevant standards, as well as the applicable regulations.
  • Satisfying the needs of stakeholders through effective communication and reporting on their claims and complaints.
  • Covering all factors that contribute to the company's activities (employees, equipment, work environment, procured products and services), as well as all stakeholders, in order to establish interconnection in favor of everyone.
  • Full application of the Integrated System with documented data and information analysis, so that for all activities in the company will be demonstrated easy traceability by the management team.
  • Continuous improvement and improvement of the efficiency of our organization, procedures and methods in all areas involved in the Integrated System, through effective risk analysis and possibilities in the same.
  • The management team has the full responsibility to continuously implement the Quality Policy and decisions for the improvement of the Integrated System in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001: 2015.



Chief executive Director
Cementarnica “USJE” AD Skopje