USJE donated equipment to the laboratory of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in Skopje


The equipment will contribute to the improvement of the conditions for students and will additionally contribute to easier acquiring new knowledge and experiences and their practical application

The support of Cementarnica USJE AD for education of young, higher education staff in Macedonia continues. Within this commitment, USJE donated equipment, which is partly new and partly used for the needs of the practical classes for students at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in Skopje. The company donated technical equipment with a purchase value of about 900,000 MKD, with built-in software that can be changed in accordance with the needs of the curriculum. The equipment will contribute to the further improvement of the conditions for studying at FEIT, and will facilitate getting new knowledge and experiences for the students in terms of the applicability of the learned material.

"USJE is continuously working to support projects of public interest, because we believe that socially responsible action and meeting the diverse social needs is crucial. We think that the education sector is of particular importance, hence the continuous investments in activities and projects that will help us in the long term to create quality and professional staff who will further engage in professional work. The business sector, with its practical experience, must support the education process, because that's the only way to create staff that will be ready to promote the processes in companies," said Efstatios Politis, Chief Technical Officer of Cementarnica USJE.

The donated equipment is fully digital and is part of the current production program of the world-renowned SIEMENS. It is a numerical relay protection of power equipment. The built-in software allows students to gain hands-on experience in how the numerical protection functions, the built-in software options, connectivity options in computer networks, and application areas. The equipment was completely installed in the laboratory and complete wiring was performed, along with the handover of folders with electrical circuit diagrams. The equipment enables the study of systems and the way of operation at medium- and low-voltage level.

“The cooperation between the corporate sector and educational institutions is of great importance and we should work together to intensify it. In this way, conditions are provided for improving teaching and working and increasing the quality of education, which is one of our ultimate goals. The equipment Cementarnica USJE donated to FEIT will directly influence the improvement of the conditions for practical teaching at the Faculty, and I hope this will serve as a positive example that will be followed by other representatives of the corporate sector,” said Prof. Dr. Dimitar Tashkovski, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies.

As part of the support to the Faculty, Cementarnica USJE enables the students to visit the company, where they can get acquainted with the practical application of the knowledge they get during the education process and with the technological solutions implemented in one of the most modern domestic companies. USJE is continuously cooperating with the scientific and educational institutions and it helps the educational process by granting scholarships to students in different higher education institutions, with a special emphasis on technical sciences.