The project Cooperation for better education and career opportunities” of Usje received national award for the Best socially responsible practice


Проектот „Соработка за поквалитетно образование и кариерни можности“ на УСЈЕ доби национална награда за најдобра општествена одговорна практика

Cementarnica Usje AD Skopje received recognition for its project “Cooperation for Better Eeducation and Career Opportunities”  in the category “Community Relations” awarded by the National CSR Coordinative Body and the Ministry of Economy. 

Usje in cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture started a project for the reconstruction and improved facades of the silos and part of the installations. Within this project, Usje announced a call where 25 solutions prepared in team or individually applied. The four best solutions were selected by experts’ committee, were bought and a project for their realization was made. The first phase of the project has already been implemented and part of the installations of USJE got new look.

Further to this activity, within the project „Cooperation for better education and career opportunities “, digital equipment was donated to the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Usje was part of the SARKOS RILEM project with the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Skopje, and the internship program is USJE in partnership with the schools is ongoing as well. 
„The support of education for young people and creating better conditions for education and practical work are projects to which we have been dedicated for many years. Through cooperation with relevant institutions we always try to find a way to expand these projects to offer opportunities for young people to educate in modern conditions, and to implement their ideas. This award is especially important for us because it is recognition for the company and for all our partners who are part of this project“, noted from USJE. 
In the past 10 years USJE has won the national recognition for socially responsible practices for several times.