Sustainability Initiatives

Our goal is to make a positive contribution to the community's sustainable development. Through the implementation of various activities, such as ones that contribute to environmental protection or the development of job opportunities, especially for young people, as well as through the implementation of projects in various areas of society, such as education, health, safety and local infrastructure development, we want to make a positive impact on people, on our neighbors, but also on the wider community that we belong to and surround us.

Since 2009, Cementarnica USJE has had a CSR Committee, which is in charge of integrating and implementing the CSR strategy. It is chaired by the Chief Executive Director and consists of members of the management team and the health and safety, environmental and human resources managers. The CSR Committee meets four to six times a year, and in some cases monthly, to review and evaluate action plans and achievements, as well as to initiate further improvements.

Below are several socially responsible projects that have been implemented in the past few years.