USJE once more part of the Earth Hour Campaign


Ставајќи највисок приоритет на нашето здравје и заштитата на животната средина

Setting our health, wellbeing and environmental protection as our top priority, USJE joined once more the Earth Hour Campaign. On March 28th 2020, by turning off the cement mills and other facilities where safety measures allowed, Cementarnica USJE saved 10 MWh of electricity.

Our employees turned off the household appliances from power supply so that all together we contribute to raising awareness on environmental protection and increasing energy efficiency.

The Earth Hour 2020 Campaign this year focuses on Climate Action and Sustainable Development. It is a big challenge for the world to tackle but also a great opportunity to minimize carbon emission.

By joining the action we became again part of the large family that takes care of preserving natural resources and the environment.