Treatment Plant for atmospheric and street spraying waters in Cementarnica USJE


Cementarnica USJE A.D Skopje following the Policy for environmental protection has established a system for rational usage of waters that includes:
  - Water from the city water supplying network is used only for sanitary purposes
  - The technical waters (for cooling of the equipment) is filtered and recycled in closed system
  - Sewage waters are separated from the atmospheric waters and discharged in the city sewage network
  - Atmospheric waters and street spraying waters from the plant are drained and collected in the open canals

Upgrading the existing system, Cementarnica Usje, in March 2013 put into trial operation а treatment plant for purification of atmospheric and street spraying water from the factory. It is the first treatment plant for atmospheric water on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. A compact treatment plant with mechanical and chemical treatment was chosen as a technical solution. Storm waters and waters from street spraying in the factory are burdened only with suspended solid particles .

The Treatment plant meets the standards for discharging effluent into surface waters according to the Rulebook for the conditions, methods and emission limit values for discharges of waste water after their treatment, the manner of their calculation (Official Gazette of RM 81/2011) and the European Directive on urban wastewater 91/271/ЕЕC

This project allows Cementarnica Usje to perform with standards beyond the legal requirements. By the realization of this investment Cementarnica Usje has completed all activities foreseen in the in the Adjustment Plan of A-IPPC Permit before the deadline in April 2014.