USJE in support of SARCOS COST -RILEM doctorial course


Cementarnica USJE in cooperation with Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in the frame of ”Ss Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje will support the SARCOS COST -RILEM doctorial course. USJE will share its laboratory premises allowing young researchers access to modern equipment and expertise from our experienced staff. RILEM is the international union of experts in construction materials, systems and structures with the aim to promote scientific cooperation.

The course will cover topics related to: Inorganic binders: historical development, manufacture, composition and properties; Supplementary cementitious materials; Self-healing of lime mortars; Autogenous self–healing of historical binders; The state of water in inorganic binders; Powers’ model; Nanofillers in cement based composites; Gypsum and its uses in construction; Control of water in inorganic binders and superabsorbent polymers; Engineering Cementitious Composites etc.

The course enriches the participants with up-to-date knowledge on advanced materials and technologies related to inorganic binders role of nanomaterials, modern uses of composites, sustainability and safety requirements for the use of inorganic materials in construction, and other topics are addressed. The students will share their recent research results and participate in the laboratory works.

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