Cementarnica USJE provides sports equipment for the Macedonian athletes participating at the Special Olympics 2019


Macedonian athletes received financial support from Cementarnica Usje for the world summer Olympic Games at the Special Olympics to be held from March 8th to 22nd in Abu Dhabi. The Macedonian delegation on this edition of the Olympic Games consists of 26 members, 14 of which are athletes that are competing in: swimming, athletics and inclusive basketball. For them Cementarnica Usje provided a set of sports equipment that is necessary for the participation on the games. The young athletes in the frame of the Special Olympics won several medals, 7, three gold medals, one silver and three bronze. The basketball team won the bronze medal, the gold medal was won by the swimmers Mario Mickovski and Stefan Trpkovski in the category 50 meters. Mickovski won the second gold medal in the category 25 meters backstroke. The athlete Adrian Shabani won one silver and one bronze medal in the 25 and 50 meter race while the athlete Sara Duraku won the bronze medal in the 100 meter race.

“We are honored and pleased to be able to support the participation of the athletes from our country to such an important global event, a charitable event such as the Special Olympics. This form of support is an integrative part of our long-term strategy for socially responsible corporate action that originates from our corporate culture and desire to help the community and within this frame, persons with disabilities to whom any form of support is precious” said Boris Hrisafov, CEO of Cementarnica Usje.

Organizer of the participation of the athletes from our country to the Olympics is the Special Olympics Organization of Macedonia that since 2004 is working with dedication on stimulating and including persons with special needs through sport. On the previous participations on the Olympics, the Macedonian athletes had accomplished excellent results and had won medals and this contributes for affirmation of our country.