Cementarnica Usje commissioned the first Treatment plant for storm water in Macedonia


Cementarnica Usje AD Skopje commissioned the new Treatment plant for storm water, the first of its kind in Macedonia. The new Treatment plant is an investment worth half a million euros and is part of the activities for the implementation of the Operational Plan for harmonization of the A integrated environmental permit. With the implementation of this investment, Cementarnica USJE AD fully meets the obligations of the Operating Plan for harmonization of the A integrated environmental permit before the deadline that expires in April 2014.

Although Cementarnica USJE in its technological process does not use water, it is making continuous efforts to conserve water as a natural resource. The Treatment plant represents the final phase of the project that includes a system for rational utilization of waters and allows complete separation of sewage from storm water. Technical water used for cooling the equipment is filtered and recycled in a closed system and the water from the city water supply system is used only for sanitary needs and is then flushed in the city sewers. Storm water from the plant and the water used for washing the streets are collected and drained through a specially designed system of channels that are attached to the Treatment plant.

The Treatment plant, which was previously tested in a trial, ensures that all outgoing waters from Cementarnica USJE fully meet all environmental parameters according to the legislation.

"Our commitment has always been to create the conditions for production that will ensure development, not only of the company, but also of the wider community. Since the entry of Titan, we have invested over 68 million EUR in modernization and implementation of new technologies, of which 36 million EUR as direct investments in improving processes in order to protect the environment. The A integrated environmental permit, in addition to the ecological aspect as the foundation, essentially means modernization and investments in sustainable economic development." – emphasized Boris Hrisafov, CEO of Cementarnica Usje AD.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia in charge of Economic Affairs Mr. Vladimir Peshevski spoke about the importance of these investments for the sustainable economic development and, among other things, stated: "The Government of the Republic of Macedonia is interested in developing the economy and the business in the country, but not risking the environment. We do not deviate from that priority. Therefore, we welcome these investments that provide sustainable economic development, and that is the only direction which can bring benefits for everyone, for both the citizens and businesses, in the future."

The official opening of the new Treatment plant for storm water was also attended by the Minister of Environment and Physical Planning Abdulakim Ademi, who said: "This is a positive example of planned and dedicated implementation of the Operational Plan for harmonization of the A integrated environmental permit. For me, as the line minister, this is extremely important because it shows that with the right commitment and partnership with all relevant institutions this process can be completed within the statutory deadline. The Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning will continue to provide support in this final phase of the process to all companies in order to provide conditions for environmental protection and providing equal growth to the business sector and the environment."

Given the concentration of business activities in Skopje, the Mayor of the capital Koce Trajanovski noted: "Improving the quality of the environment in Skopje is one of our top priorities. This requires strong cooperation between all institutions at central and local level on the one hand and the business sector on the other. These examples clearly confirm that one can achieve even the highest standards and other business entities should follow that example."

Cementarnica Usje AD is one of the first companies in Macedonia to start the process of implementing the Operating plan for the harmonization of the A integrated environmental permit. Within this process, among other measures, the company introduced 24-hour independent air monitoring, the results of which are publicly available to the authorities, but also on the company's website www.usje.com.mk.

The introduction of the A integrated environmental permit is a requirement of the Law on Environmental Protection adopted in 2004. The deadline for the introduction of this permit is April 2014.