Our people


Our company's most important asset is our people. The continuous development of our people's skills, knowledge and capabilities is one of our company's highest priorities, to which we are fully committed.

To this end, we implement the "Leading the TITAN Way" platform, which helps us grow and succeed together. "Leading the TITAN Way" is the backbone of all our people development activities. Starting with our Performance and Development Process, the platform supports managers in organizing priorities, while creating quality development plans for each person on their team. To achieve this, managers use training programs and continuous on-the-job coaching.

From day one, the program has been part of every employee's life at TITAN Group and USJE. We see a job as an evolution, where skills, knowledge, capabilities and behaviors are acquired as the role expands and expectations increase.

"Leading the TITAN Way" brings together the elements of our culture that have made us a success and aims to maintain them into the future. In this way, we have been continuously building our business culture focused on our people and their development, ensuring in the long run a quality workforce that will be the driver of progress at USJE.

In order to be able to assess our people's views in various areas, we regularly conduct surveys and have direct lines of communication with them, especially on issues such as health and safety, environmental protection, bribery and corruption, human rights and equal opportunity.

We also encourage the employment of people from the local community at all levels and concentrate on attracting, developing and retaining the best people who would support our business strategies and ensure continued success. We offer equal opportunity to all people, regardless of their gender. As a heavy industry company, USJE employs a significant number of women, and they are part of the company's management as well.