Cementarnica USJE's main focus is cement production. We are a top producer and supplier of high-quality cement in our and the surrounding countries. We provide high-performance solutions to our clients, such as construction companies, installations for the production of ready-mix concrete (concrete bases), manufacturers of precast concrete products and cement products, and manufacturers of dry mix mortar and construction contractors.

We are focused delivering value-added cement, tailored to the customers' needs. Our goal is to be the top choice and partner for all types of cements.

We produce bulk and bagged cement. Our cements are classified according to their early and final strengths, as well as their composition.

Our Portland cement is a binding agent of high quality and durability. It meets all applicable chemical, physical and mechanical requirements and is used in all areas of construction, from building homes, schools, hospitals, to tunnels and airports. Our gray Portland cement is a type of cement made from ground clinker, gypsum, fly ash and limestone.

The right cement for any need.

CEM I 52,5 R

CEM I 52,5 R is a pure Portland cement with a small amount of gypsum added (to regulate the setting time) and up to 5% other mineral admixtures. It is characterized by high strength (in the early and late stage), but also by relatively high heat during hydration.

CEM II/A-V 42,5 R

CEM II/A-V 42,5 R is a Portland cement with pozzolans added (silica fly ash, V). It consists of 80%-94% clinker, 6%-20% high quality fly ash, natural gypsum (to regulate the onset of binding) and up to 5% other minor mineral admixtures.

CEM II/B-V 42,5 R

In line with our commitment to continuous improvement in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development by reducing waste and improving energy efficiency, we have developed CEM II/B-V 42,5 R, which fully aligns with the properties of CEM II/B-V 42,5 R.

CEM IV/B (V-P) 42,5 N

CEM IV / B (V-P) 42,5 N is pozzolanic cement with high percentage of fly ash (V) and natural pozzolana (P).The clinker content is in the range of 45% -64%, while the other ingredients are mainly fly ash (V) and natural pozzolans (P).


Usjemal, Sharmall for Kosovo market, is the brand name of our masonry cement MC-5, strength grade 5, compliant with the MKC EN 413-1 standard. It is a hydraulic binder with a high degree of plasticity and durability.

CEM I 52,5 N and CEM II/B-LL 42,5 Ν

The bright and clear color of TITAN's white cements makes them ideal for use when appearance is paramount. For example, they are used to prepare white or colored plaster for the facades of private residences and multi-story buildings.