USJE - part of the Workshop with non-governmental organizations within the project "Waste to energy for the cement industry from the Western Balkans"


Representatives of Cementarnica USJE were part of a thematic workshop with NGOs working in the field of energy, energy efficiency and environmental protection within the regional project "Waste to energy for the cement industry of the Western Balkans".

The workshop was also attended by representatives from the other partners in the project: the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), Center for Environmental Resources (REC); as well as representatives from 14 NGOs. During the workshop, the objectives, activities and results achieved so far within the project were presented. The non-governmental organizations had the opportunity to get acquainted with the principle "From waste to energy" and its implementation so far in the cement production industry in European and worldwide frameworks. Economic expert Nikolaos Koufakis (TYXN) presented the draft feasibility study prepared within the project.

Within the framework of the workshop, M.Sc. Ana Mazneva Karanfilovska (MZSPP), Anastas Mazenkovski (Customs Administration of RSM), prof. Dr. Dame Dimitrovski (UKIM) and Natasha Bakreska (TITAN Cementary - Usje) also had their presentations.

The NGOs had the opportunity to ask questions about the project and give their opinion. As a result, a fruitful and constructive discussion was developed.