Alternative fuels and raw materials

In late 2018, Cementarnica USJE started using alternative fuels as a partial replacement for fossil fuels. Our goal is alternative fuels to replace up to 15% of conventional fuels in the first phase. The alternative fuels that can be used are fuels derived from processed solid waste that cannot be otherwise used (RDF) and agricultural waste (rice husks). We also plan to use selected non-hazardous waste from the textile industry or other non-hazardous waste mono-fractions as alternative fuel.

Before starting to use alternative fuels, Cementarnica USJE drafted a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment and conducted comprehensive market research on the possible sources of alternative fuels from the domestic and international market. In order to inform all stakeholders about the overall process of introducing and using alternative fuels, Cementarnica USJE regularly organizes informational meetings, workshops and visits to its plant.

The science and decades-long practice of using alternative fuels in the cement industry in developed countries have clearly identified the benefits to the environment and to society as a whole. Among them the major ones are:   

Environmental benefits:

  • Energy recovery instead of disposal (waste hierarchy)
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere
  • Reducing the use of non-renewable (fossil) fuels and raw materials

Societal benefits:

  • Creating new local and regional job opportunities
  • Promoting the efficient solid waste management policy in societies instead of its disposal or illegal and uncontrolled incineration

Facts about using alternative fuels:

  • Cementarnica USJE has a permit to use alternative fuels under the national legislation
  • Cementarnica USJE has installed state-of-the-art equipment for dosing alternative fuels from the supplier Schenck
  • In the first phase, 15% of the total energy used to heat one kiln can be from alternative fuels
  • By using alternative fuels, Cementarnica USJE is offering a solution to the local environmental challenges related to waste disposal and its improper treatment
  • The TITAN Group, of which Cementarnica USJE is part, has extensive experience with the use of alternative fuels