Visit of students from primary schools of Kisela Voda


Education is the driving force in the society that creates changes, promotion and advancement. Education is one of the key priorities of the Corporate Social Policy of Cementarnica USJE AD Skopje as part of our commitments to add value for everybody, and most of all, for the youngest.
Every young person is faced with a utmost and important challenge in choosing his/her future occupation. Every young person demonstrates specific talents and dispositions to specific occupations and professions, but does he/she have a clear picture and the needed information about what does such occupation mean and what does it bring? What does certain occupation or position mean in the day-to-day life, what challenges does it bring no matter how appealing it seems, what are the responsibilities thereof?

Therefore we, in USJE, aim to help these young people in finding out their interests, talents and dispositions through direct presentation of the professions, occupations, work positions, functions and responsibilities in our Company.
Hence, in framework of the Partnering with Schools Project, USJE organizes visits and tour around the Company as well as direct acquaintance with the employees and the management and their job position, working environment, behavior, responsibilities, and everyday activities.
About 90 students of eight grade in Kiril Pejcinovic Primary School had the opportunity to visit the Department of Finance and the Quality Department (Laboratory) and to meet the employees, the Managers as well as the activities and responsibilities of these Departments.