Supply chain management

Cementarnica USJE's supply chain consists of various business partners that provide us with services (as contractors) and products (as suppliers).

Cementarnica USJE is committed to building strong and lasting relationships with customers and suppliers, founded on trust and mutual benefit. We actively look for business partners who share our commitment to UNGC principles.

We collaborate mainly with local contractors and suppliers, which contributes to the community we work in by creating opportunities for local business development that will strengthen the stability of the existing jobs and create new ones.

Our Manual and Code of Conduct for Procurement include anti-bribery provisions and ethical procurement procedures that our employees consistently adhere to. Contracts with our suppliers and contractors include clauses relating to the contractors' obligation to comply with health and safety, labor and human rights and environmental standards and regulations, for which they sign an agreement (Declaration).

The general regulations and conditions that must be met and respected by all our contractors and suppliers can be read here.