Cementarnica USJE launches a program to boost youth employment


Cementarnica USJE launched the Program for training for facilitating employment and professional development of young highly educated people, initiated by TITAN Group.

Within this program, Cementarnica USJE, starting this month, by way of public notice, hired young engineers and students from the final years of technical colleges for training and development in the field of health and safety at work. The paid training at work will last from six months to one year. During that time, according to the Program, young engineers will have the opportunity to enrich their knowledge and gain practical skills that will help them in their professional development with which they can find permanent employment more easily. All interns will receive a certificate of training in the relevant field and will be taken into account in future employment.

"One of the strategic objectives of Cementarnica USJE is the support of the community through contribution to the development of several important areas. One of them of course is the support of talented young people and their professional development. We are proud of joining this project that I am convinced will contribute to opening new perspectives for young people, an area in which we should all continue investing," said the CEO of Cementarnica USJE Boris Hrisafov.

TITAN Group, which includes Cementarnica USJE, signed the European Pact for Youth in November 2015, proposed by the European Commission through the European business network for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Europe). The aim of this initiative is to further strengthen the partnership between companies and educational institutions in order to increase employment opportunities for young talented people.

"We believe in the need for more inclusive and sustainable Europe. To achieve that we must strengthen the cooperation between the public and private sector in building new skills and competencies. We will give our maximum in achieving this objective," said the CEO of TITAN Group Dimitrios Papalexopoulos marking the signing of the European Pact for Youth.

Cementarnica USJE has a long tradition in the implementation of partnership projects and initiatives designed to support the community. One of those initiatives, which benefit young people, is the project for practical training and acquiring skills of pupils in technical high schools, which has been implemented for several years. In addition, USJE provides postgraduate scholarships for talented students for ten consecutive years, and in cooperation with universities and student organizations, regularly provides the opportunity of internship for many foreign and domestic students.