Waste management

Reducing, reusing and recycling raw materials, energy and waste are key elements of the efforts and policy for effective environmental protection management of TITAN Group, and therefore of Cementarnica USJE.

The clinker and cement production process does not generate waste or waste by-products. It can only be created from maintenance or packaging activities. Adhering to the best practices for treating this type of waste, in Cementarnica USJE it is first separated at the site of generation, properly collected and temporarily stored. In cases where the collected materials cannot be recycled within the plant, they are taken over and treated by licensed contractors involved in the collective waste disposal system.

All waste coming out of Cementarnica USJE is measured and appropriate identification and transport documentation is issued for it in line with the legal requirements. With this procedure we provide detailed information on the transport and handling of all waste generated in Cementarnica USJE.