In response to the article published in Vecer daily newspaper on 27/11/2017 titled "Skopje is suffocating, hospitals are filling up, pollution is breaking records," aiming to provide correct and accurate information to the readers, we would like to state the following:

Cementarnica USJE operates in line with the highest environmental standards. The company has been issued an Integrated IPPC License, and according to its provisions, the company applies the latest technological practices to its operations. At the same time, company's operations are independently monitored 24/7, and the data from the measurements are available to all the relevant institutions. All the data have continuously shown that USJE not only meets the legally allowed limits, but its operations are far below the limits.

The data from the measurements can also be found on the company website, as well as on the official website of the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning. The evaporation referred to as a 'cloud of smoke' in the article is in fact water vapor, which at lower temperatures is visible to the naked eye, often causing misperception among the public, and only in wintertime. Namely, in summer, when USJE operates with a much higher intensity, the concentration of PM particles in the city is much lower, which is an additional argument that increase or decrease of PM particles is not directly related to USJE's operations. Moreover, the company has been continuously investing in modernization and all its operations are in line with state-of-the-art technology that meets the high environmental protection standards. As a transparent company, we invite all interested parties to visit the company and get further information about our operations. Any interested person can register for a visit on USJE's website, to which end the company organizes regular Open Days.

We would like in this occasion to encourage the readers of Vecer daily to register for a visit directly through the editor’s office and together with Vecer representatives to visit us at any time whatsoever.