Youth support and encouragement

As an active partner of the community, Cementarnica USJE continuously launches, implements and supports various projects related to youth development. The main focus in this segment is on advancing the process of educating young people, improving their skills and gaining practical experience.

The main goal of such activities, which are carried out in collaboration with educational institutions and other community entities, is to contribute to the creation and improvement of professional staff performance at all levels and to help young people to improve their knowledge and skills. The company achieves this goal through the implementation of several long-term programs, such as:


In order to create professional and qualified staff in the education stage, USJE backed the Macedonia 20-20-20 project for the creation of a special class at the Electrical Secondary School "Mihajlo Pupin" in Skopje. Within this project, the included students will gain professional and qualified knowledge, in line with the company's needs. The purpose of this approach is to have the students acquire specific knowledge and skills aligned with the needs of the real business sector. Over the course of their education, the students work in a specially equipped classroom and get to intern at the company, under the mentorship of experts from USJE. After completing their education, they will get the opportunity to be employed by USJE or one of the companies in the country that support the project and need trained staff. The Macedonia 20-20-20 project ensures secure employment for students who opt for vocational education and at the same time represents a successful connection between the real needs of the business sector and the country's educational system. By backing this project, USJE is lending concrete support to the development of the dual education system, whose main goal is the direct involvement of companies in providing practical knowledge and skills to students during their time at school. In this way, support is given to educational reform aimed at labor market development and the creation of staff tailored to the real sector's needs. The students are able to find a job suited to their qualifications immediately upon graduation.


Promoting cooperation and encouraging new creative ideas from young people is a commitment of USJE as a socially responsible company. USJE continuously supports various projects that aim to develop talent and support young people's learning process through collaboration with educational institutions in the country. Based on that, USJE launched a joint project with the Faculty of Architecture at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, which organized a competition for the best architectural designs for renovation of the facades of the company's silos. The project was developed in USJE, in close cooperation with representatives of the Faculty, with the intention of enabling students to work on projects that would be concretely applied in the real sector as much as possible. The top two projects were selected by a committee composed of representatives of the Faculty of Architecture and Cementarnica USJE. Under the mentorship of our company's management team and the faculty's professors, the students adjusted and combined the two designs until the project was finalized. The silos' reconstruction based on the final design drawn up by the students was carried out over the course of 2019. This project created an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in practice and to enrich their practical experience and knowledge. With these projects, Cementarnica USJE contributes to raising the quality level of education and the growth of society, which strengthens young people's role in the country through the implementation of their ideas.


Supporting the development of human capital and the potential of young leaders who have opted for lifelong learning is one of USJE's main commitments. In order to fulfill said commitment, in cooperation with the University American College Skopje, the company awards full scholarships for postgraduate studies at the School of Business Economics and Management.