Air emissions

In the cement production process, the main sources of emissions into the air are dust, nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulfur oxides (SOx).

Cementarnica USJE constantly invests in the best available techniques and new technologies for control and abatement of air emissions. These are constantly running bag filters, a closed system of storage and loading of the finished product, a system for selective non-catalytic reduction of NOx, new low NOx burners, online analyzers, quality control equipment and automatic samplers. In order to control the diffuse dust, we undertake additional activities such as spraying roads and raw materials with water, building embankments and planting trees.

As a result of the intensive and continuous investment, as well as the measures taken, all air emissions from Cementarnica USJE are below the limit values set by the national legislation and EU regulations in the field of environmental protection.




Monitoring air emissions