National award and recognition for social responsibility projects


Skopje, October 26, 2011 – Cementarnica USJE AD Skopje won the National award for the best socially responsible practices for 2010 in the category Environment - for large companies, with the project "Biodiversity of artificial lakes in Cementarnica USJE AD Skopje" at the award ceremony of National Awards of Enterprises - Best projects with best socially responsible practices for 2010, awarded by the Ministry of Economy and the Coordinating body for social responsibility.

This project refers to our dedication to environment protection and protection of the water species in our artificial lakes. We consider the biodiversity in our area as an important issue. A Study was made for this purpose, by which the quality of the waters was examined and the existing species of flora and fauna in the lakes, aiming to implement measures for long term protection. The research showed that these lakes do not contain endangered spices and that USJE activities do not affect the existing flora and fauna. However, several types of fish were put in the lakes, who are fed by the surplus of phytoplankton, thus maintaining the balance in the eco-system. Today these lakes in our company yard have the status of artificial lakes where stocking with fish was initially done by the sport fisherman in Cementarnica USJE, many years ago.

USJE also received three accolades for the following projects: "Partnership with Schools" in the category - Investing in the community, for the project "Occupational Safety and Health of our Employees" in the category - Employee Relations and for the project "Corporate Governance" in the category of Ethical Management.