Final grade students from the primary schools in Kisela Voda visited Cementarnica USJE


The final grade students from the primary schools in Kisela Voda had the opportunity to visit Cementarnica USJE in May, to get acquinted with our Company, our production process and our manner of operation.

Our team of engineers presented the production process to the ninth grade students of the primary schools of Partenija Zografski, Nevena Georgieva Dunja and Kuzman Josifovski – Pitu. The students had the chance to discuss with them all issues of their interest that would help them in choosing their future occupation. What profiles are needed in the production industry? What does it mean to work in a chemical laboratory? How is the entire cement production process controlled? The visit was finalized with a short video showing in details all the process in the plant.

corporate social responsibility strategy involves support to the community and the education with this visits aims to encourage students that need to choose their vocation to go for technical vocational schools and occupations.