Press release from the Management of Cementarnica Usje


In the past several days Cementarnica Usje signed individual contracts concluded on voluntary basis with 91 employees with an average value of 1.2 million MKD (20,000 EUR) each, thus alleviating the social consequences for these employees.

The Management of Cementarnica Usje expresses regret that despite the openness and transparency of the procedure, as well as the alternative proposals offered to the Union, the Union did not show interest in finding the most mutually acceptable solution for the social welfare of all the employees whose work positions were terminated due to the business reasons stemming from this unprecedented economic crisis. As a result, the Management of Cementarnica Usje has been forced to terminate the jobs of 48 employees in line with the conditions envisaged in the Labor Law, plus 3 additional salaries.

Due to the impact of the world economic crisis, Cementarnica Usje was compelled to undertake this step, without delay, in order to provide long-term survival of the plant and sustain the wide majority of the work positions.

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