Cementarnica USJE donated an ambulance to the Children's Hospital – Kozle


Following its long-term strategy for sustainable development and social responsability, Cementarnica USJE realized a new donation in healthcare. This time, for the needs of the public health institution - Institute of Respiratory Diseases in Children - Kozle in Skopje, USJE donated an ambulance.

 „The still current pandemic further emphasized the importance of the health sector and its readiness to offer timely and quality health services and protection to the citizens. At USJE we believe that the responsibility for the development of the whole society, and within that the health system, is not only with the state, but that everyone can contribute within their capabilities. Starting from this, we gladly help where it is most needed, and among those areas is of course health. We believe that with this latest donation we will help the youngest patients to receive timely health care in this very important hospital in our health system”, said Goce Cvetkovski, Technical director of Cementarnica USJE.

This is not the first donation of USJE for the KOZLE hospital. Earlier, with funds from employees and the company, a spirometry device was procured, which was indicated by the hospital as a priority for the efficiency of the department for early diagnosis of respiratory diseases in children. “On behalf of our patients and the entire staff of the hospital, I would like to express my gratitude to Cementarnica USJE for their continuous care and support. The latest donation is not the first, and I am convinced that it will not be the last that USJE provides for our hospital. This company has once again shown that it has a real sense for the needs of health and stands out as an example for other stakeholders in society on how to think and act for the good of the whole community," said Dr. Besnik Zeqiri, Medical Director of the Institute of Respiratory Diseases in Children – Kozle.

USJE's latest donation to KOZLE Hospital is only a segment of the total, continuous support provided by the company for further improvement of the conditions in the public health system in the country, as well as for raising the quality of health services for patients. Thus, at the height of the health crisis caused by Covid-19, USJE donated medical equipment and devices to several public health institutions in the country, worth over 100,000 euros.