USJE Joins Tree Day – Plant Your Future Activity


Nature conservation and its promotion are part of the Company’s priorities. Aside from participating in this activity, Cementarnica USJE AD also supports several horticultural projects within the Municipality of Kisela Voda

14.03.2009, Skopje. The management team of Titan Cementarnica USJE, along with its employees, took part in the 3rd Tree Day – Plant Your Future activity on Saturday 14th March, 2009. During that Tree Day activity, two million trees were planted on numerous locations all over the country.

Usje has been supporting this national environmental activity since its very beginning with the full support of the management team, and the members of the Galeb Scouts Squad, when the Usje employees participated in the 1st Tree Day on March 12 of 2008 in re-foresting of the burnt down hills surrounding the village of Ajvatovci.

“Nature conservation and its promotion are part of the priorities of our Company. Through several projects, Cementarnica USJE AD has been contributing to the conservation and promotion of the environment within the Municipality of Kisela Voda for several years now. The Tree Day – Plant Your Future activity, through which 6 million seedlings will be planted, is an extremely noble act that we salute and gladly join,” Antoni Nikolopoulos, Chief Executive Director of Titan Cementarnica USJE, says.

In cooperation with the local self-government, primary schools and kindergartens on the territory of the Municipality of Kisela Voda, Titan Cementarnica USJE for several years has been playing the role of initiator and sponsor of horticultural projects that are comprised of activities for maintenance of the existing horticultural belt and plantation of new trees and flowers, as well as complete arranging of the green areas at these educational institutions.