Cementarijada 2024- sport games in Brzece, Kopaonik


TITAN USJE is a company committed to encouraging and supporting sport activities of our people, that empower team spirit and contribute to improved lifestyle of our employees. More than 50 employees were part of the sports games that this year were held in Brzece, Kopaonik from June 6 to 9, organized by Lafarge Beocin, Serbia. Guests from TITAN Kosjerich, Lafarge Beocin and Moravacem Popovac participated in these games as well, which are traditionally held every year.

USJE team won the following awards:

  • 1st place in darts (women, team)
  • 1st place in chess, team
  • 2nd place in volleyball (men)
  • 3rd place in table tennis (men, team)
  • 3rd place in soccer (men, team)

In 2025, this event will be hosted by TITAN USJE.