USJE part of the global initiative "Earth Hour"


By reducing electricity consumption USJE saves over 5000 MWh

Traditionally, this year USJE joins the global initiative "Earth Hour". Tomorrow from 20:30 to 21:30, together with the other global entities that are part of this action, USJE will turn off the cement mills from the power supply. Just by turning off the mills for an hour, the company saves the electricity needed for approximately 20,000 light bulbs, thus contributing to the reduction of the so-called greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which are pointed out as one of the main causes of global warming and climate change.

The "Earth Hour", which this year takes place under the motto "A chance to shape our future", is an initiative aimed at raising awareness of the need for joint global action to protect planet Earth. Although it is a symbolic initiative, more and more companies, organizations and institutions are joining and taking concrete steps to reduce global warming.

In addition to joining the "Earth Hour" campaign, USJE is continuously working to improve its activities. USJE has an integrated A environmental permit that guarantees operation to the highest EU standards and 24-hour independent monitoring, and the company is constantly investing in new technologies. As a result of these processes, the company managed to save 5076 MWh or 5 KWh per ton of cement in 2021, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 4640 tons compared to the previous year.

"This symbolic action is an attempt to create a broad base of as many stakeholders as possible who will continuously work towards improving their operations and reducing the impact on the environment." This is a particularly important aspect, as positive examples have already shown that through the application of new technologies, innovative solutions and responsible operations, industries are becoming an important part of the chain for improving the environmental impact of modern living. It is our industry that offers a safe and lasting solution for certain segments that negatively affect the environment. Hence, the joint action and close cooperation is of exceptional importance, "said Boris Hrisafov, Chief Executive Officer of Cementarnica USJE.

USJE as a socially responsible company carries out all its activities through a transparent process, in constant and open communication with all its partners. In the country, USJE is the first company that publicly announces the results of emissions measurements on a weekly basis. Namely, all media, non-governmental organizations and competent institutions receive a weekly report from the measurements, and they are published on the website of the company . In addition, regular comparative measurements are made in USJE by accredited companies.

USJE is a member of the United Nations Global Compact. By signing this agreement, the company is committed to continuously adhere to the ten key principles of good corporate governance, including environmental protection. In addition, USJE constantly encourages and implements a number of socially responsible initiatives in the field of environment and will continue in that direction.