CEM IV / B (V-P) 42,5 N is pozzolanic cement with high percentage of fly ash (V) and natural pozzolana (P).

The clinker content is in the range of 45% -64%, while the other ingredients are mainly fly ash (V) and natural pozzolans (P). In terms of strength characteristics, despite lower clinker content, this cement is not less valuable than other cements. The low content of clinker greatly reduces the heat of hydration, and the high content of mineral supplements further contribute to the resistance to chemical aggression. Note that this cement is N class, which means that the rate of strength gain (early 2-day strength gain) is lower compared to those in R class.

Product application

This cement can be used for construction of buildings of normal size (buildings with up to 3 floors, smaller ground floor industrial buildings, etc.) for the preparation of concretes with the highest strength class of C 25/30 and where the early strength of concrete is not of great importance. Its main application is infrastructure facilities, for concretes exposed to chemical aggression (wastewater treatment, water tanks, irrigation canals, etc.), for concrete structures with large cross-sections (retaining walls, foundations, foundation piles or wells). ), prefabricated pipes and shafts, cement screeds and coverings, massive dams, concrete pavements, for preparation of masonry mortars, various paths, etc. Due to the lower heat during hydration, it is recommended not to use it in cold weather (an ambient temperature lower than 0°C), especially for concreting elements with small cross sections.

Declaration of Performance

Our cements comply with the MKC EN 197-1 harmonized European standard and are subject to assessment and performance verification procedures by a third party (an EU authorized body under System 1+ for assessment and verification of consistency of performance).

The Declaration of Performance on the key product attributes can be found here.

Health and safety

Contact with wet cement, wet concrete, may cause irritation, dermatitis or severe chemical burns. Cement dust coming into contact with bodily fluids (such as sweat or tears) may cause irritation, dermatitis or burns. This carries a serious risk of eye damage. Wear appropriate, impermeable clothing, gloves and eye and face protection. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse them immediately with plenty of clean water and seek medical help. After skin contact, rinse immediately with plenty of clean water. Keep out of reach of children. Contains chromium (VI). Chromium with oxidation state VI, the concentration of which must not exceed 2ppm in bagged cement, is reduced for additional protection. May cause allergic reactions, the risk of which is higher if the cement is used past the expiration date stated on the package and the shipping documents.