Monitoring air emissions

In parallel with investing in modern air emission control and reduction technologies, we have invested in establishing a monitoring system that allows us to take continuous measurements of air emissions from stationary sources, and in accordance with the results of those measurements, to take measures to curtail them.

This measurement system provides regular and accurate information to all stakeholders. Cementarnica USJE performs the reporting on the conducted measurements in accordance with the legally prescribed Emissions Monitoring and Reporting Guidelines.

From the measured emission data, the system independently calculates the half-hour and average daily emissions, from which daily, weekly and monthly reports are created. The daily data from the automatic monitoring system are regularly submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, and at our initiative, the monitoring results, in addition to this website, are submitted to the media and other interested parties as well.

Weekly reports

See the weekly reports with the results of the emission measurements

Monthly reports

See the monthly reports with the results of the emission measurements